Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If A Guy Pulls Your Hair, It Means He Likes You...(or there's actually no underlying meaning at all and they just feel like being annoying and girls are just over-analytical)

I've always liked boys. Even when I was little. This will never change. I wasn't a tomboy - I might be one of the clumsiest most uncoordinated athletes there is, hence, choosing a life of theatre and writing. Although I was a pretty big girl when I was young and could wrestle just about anyone under the age of ten to the ground so I was always the first choice in a solid game of Red Rover. I also didn't mind getting dirty and still don't to this day (proven by the sweat pants I'm wearing right now for the fourth day in a row....I think that spot might be spaghetti sauce). I liked girls too. I've always had a tight group of girlfriends. I loved sleepovers, wearing make-up and talking (obsessing, whatever) until the wee hours of the morning. But I've always had a very strong relationship with boyfriends. Not boyfriends. Boy. Friends.

My first boyfriends were Danny and Mikey. They were my mom's best friend's sons and so we would always be creating some sort of mischievous game or playing ghost in the graveyard, cops and robbers, or....doctor (just kidding about that last one). Danny and I were such good friends I actually peed in my pants for the first time in front of him and not because I was laughing. It was because we were watching "Double Dare" and I could not tear myself away form the TV. To this day he won't let me forget the helplessness he felt as it all went down. Poor Danny. I think I scarred him for life. Throughout my schoolgirl years there was Peter and Tony and Nate and Jeremy and John and Andy ...and then there was college....and then there was my point.

My first day of college I met Jonathan. We were set up on a blind date and I thought he was obnoxious. That's a frat boy for ya. Then we became buds, going through the theatre department together and were thrilled to find out we'd be moving to LA together. The first couple of years in a new city as adults were great fun. I had my other guy friends in Cali like Gabe and Oakes  and Brock - but it was Sadowski (or as others would and will call him, Jonathan) who became my roommate for four years and in time - my brother. And today is his birthday.

See, girlfriends will hold you when you cry. Guy friends will hold you - and then smack some bloody sense into you. They will listen to your problems and then respond back with ten million reasons why you should feel ridiculous for thinking it's a "problem". When you have a bad day, they will make you watch a marathon of "Intervention" to make you feel better about your life (and if you feel fat "Man vs Food). They will hear you gab about the new boy you're in love with and then break his face when he breaks you're heart. You will ask them what is wrong and they will ask you to make them a sandwich. When someone is jealous, they will be your biggest fan. And when you start to get down on yourself and start to think that everything is wrong with you, they will be sure to give you a power point presentation on ways in which you could improve how you react to situations to not seem so crazy. Okay, maybe the last one is just a Killacky/Sadowski thing. But there's no doubt that these are the reasons I cherish our friendship. When I hear people say guys and girls can't really be friends, I am dumbfounded because he has been, without a doubt, the best friend a gal could ever have. And no, it will not culminate in some cute little 'When Harry Met Sally' love story. I don't think I could ever end up marrying someone I peed my pants in front of:) Yes, it happened twice in my life. But the this time, it was because he made me laugh.

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  1. Thanks for the Double Dare reminder.
    I haven't had a nightmare about that in two weeks.